Join EMBnet


EMBnet is a global  network of diverse biological, biomedical and  bioinformatics communities. One of its main missions is to promote links and cooperation amongst academic and industrial life-science researchers and bioinformaticians worldwide.

In 2013, the Statutes of EMBnet changed. EMBnet is now able to accept:

  • candidatures from organisations wishing to become part of EMBnet’s institutional network of Nodes (Organisational members);
  • candidatures from individuals wishing to become involved in EMBnet’s activities (Individual members).

Membership of EMBnet offers academics, postdoctoral  researchers, students, teachers and industrialists access to the oldest bioinformatics network in the world. Becoming a member offers many advantages:

  • it offers access to a wide range of bioinformatics professionals;
  • it provides a collaborative environment in which to support new research enterprises;
  • it offers access to its Committees, Special Interest Groups (SIG) and affiliates;
  • it allows participation in and shaping of its training initiatives;
  • it provides opportunities to influence its business, policies and action plans.
Membership of the oldest world-wide bioinformatics network
Access to EMBnet’s SIG’s & Affiliates
Networking opportunities through mailing lists & meetings
Right to vote in EMBnet elections
Monthly copies of EMBnet.digest
Right to run for an executive position
Right to vote on business/policy, if elected to an executive position
Subsdised attendance at AGM if elected to an executive position
Waived annual fee for organising an AGM
Three free peer-reviewed publications in EMBnet.journal per annum
Discounted peer-reviewed publications in EMBnet.journal
Opportunities to attend co-sponsored events & conferences at discounted rates
Student bursaries to attend co-sponsored events & conferences
Opportunities to galvanise new research activities
Opportunities to seek joint funding
Possibility to become an EMBnet-sponsored teacher/trainer
Free publicity for Node activities via the website & EMBnet.journal
Free publicity via EMBnet’s website & EMBnet.journal
Opportunities to seek sponsorship for events
Possibility to join the EMBnet.journal Full Editorial Board